Bench Relax Wooden Panels Rough Sun SummerFirst of all, you’ll need to secure a few corbels. It shouldn’t be so hard as it seems, as corbels have been widely spread in home constructions for some centuries now. Mainly they have been used for roof supports, but depending of the architecture, an individual can find them as flooring supports as well.

Try looking for nice dilapidated homes. I man houses that would be fine if they weren’t dilapidated. Old style design, mostly. They’ve a lot of corbels. Or you can visit some city fair or estate auction, where they sell everything really very affordable. You will definitely find one.

After you get the set of corbels you may want to do a little refurbishing on them. And by that I mean a proper painting and sanding. And an eventual professional cleaning to be able to remove wood parasites, if any.

Next you’ll need a glass top. That will be the true length of your desk top, so choose your own value. The width of the glass top should be the actual width of the corbels. Because the corbels will be attached to the wall and so be the desk’s feet, the glass top will be secure on top of them. Hence the width of the corbel should match the specific width of the glass top.

I suggest going for a thick glass top. Not only it’s safer for you but it’s also looking better. The corbels are hardy thick pieces of work, so using a thin glass top on them will look very flimsy and out of proportion.

For securing the corbels to the wall I propose using some corner brackets. You can fix them in four spots each, two in the top and two at the bottom, which will provide a tight and most of all a secure fit. If you’re not a good hand with drilling you’d better ask a friend who’s to do it. Next set the glass top and fasten it in position with anything. Duct tape will do. Two holes along the left margin, two along the right, and use a screwdriver to fix it in place on top of the corbels.

There you have it: it is as unique as corbels get and I bet you friends don’t own one.

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