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A recent report from the BBC on the continuing investigation into Diana’s death after a French evaluation left me rather intolerable. In it was an accusation that the photographers that were chasing her contributed to the injury and, thus, her death. Even though this can’t really be contested it would seem that the commitment of those men is such that they have very little respect for the privacy of the subject.

Apparently a picture of her boy-friend, Dodi, made its founder and the media for which he worked countless dollars. The paparazzi were fired up while trying to find another’exclusive’ shot of the exact same or similar.

This girl was big news and well enjoyed globally and magazines and papers were hungry for anything that would indicate she had been romantically involved with someone. The kiss seemed to be exactly what they needed.

Looking past the photographers, however, caused me to question the mindset of the public who swallow this stuff. They are those that but the magazine and newspapers. They are also hungry for gossip and snippets of information from the personal lives of the famous. If they did not there would be no demand for what happened that night in Paris.

The BBC, however, sent their own team to follow up and low and behold they found evidence that the vehicle was smashed up and composed two years before.

Sold to a firm who sold and repaired it was purchased by a limousine provider to the wealthy in Paris. It was under wraps at the cellar of the Ritz Hotel as it was brought out to take Diana and Dodi away from it to his apartment.

Since the photographers were chasing the car it had been going at speed when it crashed to the pillar of the tunnel by which they were travelling. It was a case of situation and the attribute has to be distributed to many situations, not least of which is the desire for the public and the press for that form of gossip.

The world lost an icon that night and the press lost a victim. We don’t understand why things like this happen but in my opinion we die when our time is up regardless of who we are or what we’re doing.

The things that are unexpected and, heads or in untimely, are done just when they’re meant. We’ve got all our death and birth is timed just to fit into that design. Our commitment must be to the Spirit rather than to any icon or idol.

Who Killed Princess Diana?

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